Friday, February 20, 2009

a helping hand

Since starting at Yellowstone, there have been some pretty exciting people to come visit the school. Last month, Toro (the Houston Texans mascot) came and spoke to the entire school about the team and the importance of exercising and eating right. While he was there, in addition to seeing some of Toro's amazing stunts, the students were also able to hear from the announcer for the Texans, players Kris Brown and Mario Williams, and a couple of the cheerleaders via video. They absolutely loved it!!

Shortly after that, Miss Houston USA and Miss Teen Houston USA came to the after school program to help out with some of the activities and to see the programs offered. I think the girls were more excited for these particular visitors!

A few weeks back, there was a luncheon off campus to fundraise for the school and Barbara Bush was the speaker. Some of our students went and performed a few songs for the attendees and were able to meet her.

Mostly recently, as in three days ago, we were told that Vince Young might come to the school to talk to the students in each classroom about the importance of working hard and staying in school. Being a University of Texas graduate and watching Vince Young from the stands at the Rose Bowl lead the Longhorns to a victory over USC for the national championship, I was pretty excited that I might get the opportunity to see him at work! I had my eye out all day for him, but come afternoon figured that he wasn't going to make it. He ended up coming though and was able to speak to the older classes, I wanted to hear him speak but didn't find him in time. I was in the hall (purposefully) when he came out with his entourage. He walked up to me and said, "Hi, I'm Vince." We shook hands and I introduced myself, wishing he wasn't leaving the school then so I could go on to say how big a fan I was and how I was at the Rose Bowl when Texas beat USC. He will be coming back though to speak with the younger classes on another day.

It is neat to see how many people, regardless of who they are, come and spend time with these kids, encouraging them in any way possible. The students think that it is so cool.

Tuesday, February 10, 2009


So apparently "interim social worker" was not the best job title for me, partially because I do not have a degree in social work and so can't officially take that name. So, I am now referred to the "Student Behavior Specialist." Bam!