Thursday, April 21, 2011

rachel and greg

My sister Rachel and her boyfriend Greg recently got engaged! I cannot wait for them to be in Houston this summer so I can give her a ginormous hug!

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

iphone 4 what! what!

A new little bit of technology and a bit of updating for me! Here's to finally getting something new (and pretty spiffy if I do say so myself!)

If you never saw the phone that I had before, it was something really inexpensive that I got when I moved back from the DR coming up on three years now. I was starting to get made fun of a lot whenever "friends" saw it, much like people did (still do) with my camera.

Sunday, April 17, 2011

gail and jt's new place

This post is really for my mom and Rachel so they could see pictures, but everyone enjoy!

This is Gail and JT's new house that they just bought (my aunt and uncle). This weekend they drove in from Virginia to unload some things. They aren't moving permanently yet; it's going in stages.

For the past 15 years they have lived in a house that has been around since the Civil War. They did work projects on it throughout the years, and are wanting to do something similar once they retire and come back to Texas. They wanted an old house with a lot of land out in the country somewhere.

Front view of the house

Entry way
front (and most likely master) bedroom

future office
wardrobe that we put back together
apparently it comes apart so that the planks of wood can stack,
that way it can transport easily in the covered wagon
(no joke, that's how old it is)
master bath
dining area
future living room
second bedroom

future butler's pantry or living room add on

views from the house

amazing wrap around porch

side view of house
oh, evelyn.....
back view of house
meredith, carson, and evelyn
There are a lot of projects to do. It makes me think of that show on HGTV, Sarah's House, when she renovates that old farm house room by room.

The house is outside of Sealy, a little more than an hour outside of Houston. We were there for about five hours this afternoon, excluding drive time, helping out where we could and enjoying spending time with family.

overnight field trip

Last week 4th grade traveled to San Antonio and Austin to see a bit of Texas history firsthand. Overall it was a great trip. Below is just a small glimpse of it all.

Our whole group in front of the Alamo.
Sadly, we couldn't take any pictures inside.

Wandering the grounds at the San Jose Mission.
The kids really liked the pretending to be officers inside the gift shop.
I think every kid wanted a picture, as did a couple of the teachers.

Bus ride heading to the hotel.
Hotel Valencia was super fancy. Each of those glass balls had a signature from someone who stayed there, including Tracy McGrady, Paula Abdul, Jennifer Lopez, and the Jonas Brothers.
We split off in our smaller groups and had dinner on the riverwalk
Our girls chose Rainforest Cafe, even though they got scared a couple of times.

We went to the Bob Bullock Museum in Austin.

We also went to the Capitol and Visitor's Center. It was a great and jam packed trip. We got back to the school late Monday night exhausted! A success indeed!