Tuesday, March 02, 2010

texas independence day

We have been learning about Texas long ago and Texas history lessons are quickly approaching (think Davy Crockett). Any one of my students would be able to tell you- once the Europeans came to Texas, Texas was controlled by Spain, then by Mexico, they became a republic, and then finally joined the United States. They could not tell you however, the date Texas got its independence. Apparently neither could I. Let me back track a bit.

I am friends with the library volunteers at our school because last year I helped out a lot in the library (one of the 'hats' I wore). They knew that teaching 4th grade meant teaching Texas history. A month or so ago I received a Texas history calendar from a couple of the library volunteers that shows all the important dates in Texas's history.

Anyway, half way through today a student of mine looked at the calendar and said, "look Ms. Crockett." Sure enough, today, March 2nd- Texas Independence Day (also Texas Flag Day, I believe). That would have been nice to incorporate into today's lesson...

ps- I watched "Wheel of Fortune" tonight with my mom (laugh it up people) and there was a guy on it who during one of his spins he yelled out "remember the Alamo!"

I kid you not. random...

Monday, March 01, 2010

dallas and charlotte got these today


and they were ecstatic :)

alexia gets married

This past weekend I went to Austin for Alexia's wedding. Saturday's weather was absolutely perfect and the ceremony was very sweet. If only there was gua gua music during the reception!

4th grade olympics

Last week we had Olympic events and gave out a gold, silver, and bronze metal. Events were held in math, science, and spelling over the course of three days. The top overall athletes were awarded metals. On Friday we had a closing ceremonies and sang the National Anthem. The kids were very excited about this!

pics from san fran!

efforts in houston

museum of natural science

In January, the 4th grade took a trip to the Museum of Natural Science. We have been studying our solar system, and at the museum we were able to see some really amazing things. The kids were really excited to be able to recall information that they had learned.

For the past few weeks they have been writing a research paper on one of the planets in our solar system. Presentations are this week; the ones so far have been great. They even made paper mache planets in art to have a model while they present. Yay for first time presentations!
I'll try to post some pictures once everyone has presented.