Friday, October 16, 2009


1. We have 6th graders the age of their mothers when they became pregnant with their first child.

2. Houston was just named #1 city for pregnancy under the age of 15 years.

These are scary figures, but very much a reality. May our students be educated.

Monday, October 05, 2009

bacholerette party!

Nora, Lauren, Sarah, Barbara, and I (pictured) drove to Austin this past weekend and met Catherine and Molly at a lake house for Lauren's bacholerette party. It was a really great weekend, spending time with Lauren and having fun prior to her big day that is finally almost here (October 17)! She took a lot of pictures, sorry mine are so limited.


Teaching in the states may still be having the kinks worked out, but one thing that I can do is show my students that I care for them.

I went to a football game and saw a few of them show their stuff. I think they were pretty excited.

Sidenote- watching 4th graders play football is very interesting, as is watching their families on the sidelines

"hip europeans"

Nora and I went to a Hipster Euro-themed party. What does that mean, you ask? Who really knows.

This is our attempt to dress and look in line with the theme.

You can be the judge to whether we were successful or not.

open house

I was able to meet many families of my students at our Open House. It is kind of interesting because my prior teaching experience in the DR was one where I knew all of the families so well, but this Open House has been the only time that I have seen some of them (and by that I mean the ones that were there). Interesante, no?

Regardless, it was great to meet everyone and begin to put faces with names. Here are some of the people that stopped by.

celebrate good times

Things have been quite eventful these past few weeks. Above are some pictures from a wedding shower for Lauren and Austin. Such dear friends are getting married so so soon!