Sunday, November 28, 2010


With my mom being the youngest of six kids, our family gatherings tend to get rather large (as in around 50 people. huge!) Thanksgiving was a smaller group this year. There were twelve of us at the house, but we still had a great time.

My mom made pomegranate martinis. Yum! And what family function doesn't involve some sort of margarita and a plethora of beer?! Unfortunately, my body chose to be sick for four days, up through Thanksgiving. So I watched the fun as I sat with a constant sneeze and pounding headache, exactly what you want when you have off of work right?

My family loves to have a good time, and we've got some pretty darn good chefs as well which is a double bonus. My aunt Dee's homemade broccoli cauliflower (a take on broccoli rice casserole) was by far my favorite side dish this year (sorry, Mom).

Sonny and Dee


Evelyn and Rebecca
(how is it that there was only one cousin this year?!)

My mom's Jack Daniels Pie.
Yes, Jack Daniels. Yes, it is amazing.

Look familiar? See if you see the resemblance.

We played Catch Phrase that afternoon (of which I am a pro, sick or not). I found myself laughing so hard because each time the game got passed to the next person, a pair of glasses got passed as well. We eventually stopped using the timer because it took so long for the word to be read. Below is a clip of my grandma once she got the hang of how to play. Meredith and I could not stop laughing at how long it took her to start going and how slow she went. You may not think it is as funny as I do, but I guess I'm bias. Her word was "nature. " Watch as she tries to quickly describe it.

family time :)

Family get togethers didn't happen over Thanksgiving this year, but actually the week before. Rachel and Greg flew down from Omaha for the Nebraska/A&M game. While Greg covered the game in College Station, Rachel was able to spend the weekend in Houston. With Meredith being home for school for the break, all four sisters were together for the first time since Rachel moved to Omaha.

It was so great having everyone together. We celebrated Meredith's birthday Friday night, and the next morning went over to our Dad's for brunch. Below is a picture of my half brother, Carson. He's at the fun age of thinking his big sisters can do no wrong and will always pose for a picture :)

Rachel got her Mexican food fix at Ninfa's the next night. (Noticing the pattern of how everything seems to be surrounded by food?...) After dinner, we went out and got drinks at Anvil (one day Evelyn will be able to join in!)

me, Meredith, Rachel

It was so great all being together, it makes me long for Christmas already!

Monday, November 01, 2010


It seems as though this topic of conversation has come up more than one recently. The link below let's you know how your wealth compares to that of the rest of the world. It really puts things into perspective. Check it out.