Thursday, November 26, 2009

take a turkey

There was a generous donor at Yellowstone this week. On Monday, someone donated 300 turkeys to our school! We were able to send a full turkey home with every family for Thanksgiving. It was a frozen turkey but already fully cooked. There were enough left over for each staff member to take one home as well. So Monday afternoon, in addition to all the teacher's books and papers, I took home a turkey!

Saturday, November 21, 2009


My step dad opened a tart yogurt shop in Houston that is absolutely wonderful! If you are in the city go and check it out! It is one block west of the Whole Foods at West Alabama and Kirby.

Blueberryhill is actual dairy yogurt, not a powdered formula like others.

It is flavored with real fresh fruit purees.

It is topped with fresh fruit, prepared in the store.

It contains probiotic cultures which strengthen the immune system and aid in digestion.

It is a great source of protein, which curbs appetite and promotes weight loss.

It is an excellent source of calcium, vital for strong bones and teeth.

It is high in potassium, magnesium, and riboflavin.

It is fat free with only 90 calories per 4 ounce serving, gluten-free and kosher dairy certified.

It aids in metabolism and protects against ulcers.

It lowers cholesterol and reduces the risk of high blood pressure and colon cancer.

Go and try it out today! Not only is it good for your health, it is tasty too! What can top that?!

2700 west alabama
houston, tx 77098

Saturday, November 14, 2009

eleven on the eleventh

Well, no, not really, but let me explain.

My friend Kara challenged me on the 11th of November to write out 11 fun facts about me in hopes to establish some community among blog friends if many partook.

Clearly today is not the 11th, but better late than never, right?

Maybe I'll do a combination of fun facts and updates of life the past few weeks. Enjoy!

1. On November 11th we switched to AT&T cable so the internet was not working. (This is true, though I cannot put total blame on an internet provider for my lack of punctuality).

2. Last weekend I bought an antique furniture set from my aunt for an amazing price before she sold it in her garage sale. It is all jam packed in my room waiting for the day when it will spread its wings to its own apartment. The bed is pictured below.

3. Thursday night I went to hear a friend of a friend's band play in downtown Houston. The venue was called Super Happy Fun Land. Yes. Super Happy Fun Land. It was as if I traveled back in time 40 years. What a trip!

4. My step dad opened a yogurt shop in Houston this past September called blueberryhill. It is SO good!!! (Expect a blog entry on this very soon!)

5. This past Tuesday my 4th grade class went on a field trip to Miller Outdoor Theater to see a performance on the origins of certain dances. I saw my sister (also Ms. Crockett) and her class there eating lunch before going on their field trip to the Children's Museum. Crazy, huh?!

6. On Thursday I wore panty hose to school and a student informed me that my legs looked darker that day. (oh goodness...)

7. The Blockbuster location by my house is closing (what is the world coming to?) and everything is on clearance. I bought a handful of movies including Away We Go (so good!), Camille (haven't seen it yet, but with a title like that I've got to, right?), and Edward Scissorhands (haven't seen this since it scared me when I was younger).

8. This Thanksgiving I am going to be the only daughter out of four who will be home. It is going to be bazaar being an only child for a holiday weekend... My mom jokingly said we should go to Vegas, but I'm totally keen on the idea!

9. This week my old college roommate got engaged on national television.

10. I've never made a scrapbook before, but have all these pictures and other things from the DR waiting for me to put it all together. Any takers to help me out?

11. I am not the best blogger in the world, but am going to try and post more regularly!

booby trap

This past Halloween I didn't have a costume to wear so I searched quick and cheap costume ideas online. There were actually a lot of really great ideas for those that always put things off to the last minute (ie, me). The idea I ended up using made me laugh when I read it on the computer, and figured that made it a winner!

The description said hang a mouse trap around your neck so it rests on your chest. Go as a "booby trap."

So that's what I did!

Unfortunately I didn't have a real mouse trap so I improvised and made a drawing, but it still worked.

It got a lot of laughs, and my last minute, no cost costume was a hit!

lauren and austin get married!

So, I cannot believe that nearly a month has gone by since this wedding, and also since the last time that I posted!

Their wedding was absolutely beautiful, so special, and intimate.

Here are a few borrowed pictures from the big day!