Thursday, December 31, 2009

christmas cards and unproductivity

It is so funny how I think that when I have time I will be productive and play catch up on blogging or reading or whatever else might be on my "to do list when I have a break from school."

Today is January 2nd, and I have had the past two weeks off (which cannot be explained any way but absolutely wonderful). Needless to say, all the things that I had envisioned doing over the break have not happened. (If you follow this blog then you clearly have noticed).

I think the picture below sums it up beautifully. No follow through. My sisters and I took this picture during the few days that we were actually all in the same city just prior to Christmas. Rachel (24 yrs, blue coat) is currently in D.C. visiting her boyfriend Greg's family and spent New Year's in New York. Meredith (22 yrs, blonde) was in Dallas for New Year's and is currently at the Cotton Bowl cheering on Ole Miss. Evelyn (17 yrs, yellow sweater) left this morning for Atlanta for Passion 2010. Though over the years the four of us have been spread out among states (and countries), our Christmas card and picture have been consistent. This year brings the exception. Though we did get the picture taken, we never followed through with getting cards and mailing them out to friends and family. A tradition that I am confident is as old as me has now been broken. Like I said, no follow through.

So many things left unfinished: blogs, books, lesson plans, DR scrapbook, online classes and exams for teacher certification, and Christmas card, just to name a few. 2010 is sure to bring more productivity and efficiency. Here's to a new year and a new opportunity for follow through. Bring it, 2010. I'm ready.

Wednesday, December 09, 2009


Everyday when I get to work and sit at the computer, I wait eagerly as the google search engine page loads hoping that the word "google" is displayed in a fun, new way.

Yesterday the Google search engine was in a design of Popeye and his spinach.

It made me happy.