Friday, June 25, 2010

tomorrow is a big day

Tomorrow I leave for the DR with Leti. I'll be there for four weeks, and am so extremely excited. See the pictures above and you'll understand why!


I've been looking for a new place to live and solidified it just days before going to the DR, and the move in date isn't until August 1st. It's an older complex that is relatively small, with lots of trees and lots of character. Everything couldn't have worked out more perfectly; I'm ecstatic!

Saturday, June 19, 2010


Cara's brother and his band had a CD release party at Cactus Music on Saturday and played a live set. It was so exciting to hear them again and to spend time with Barb! The whole family is going to the DR to visit Cara so I will get to see them again soon because it happens when Leti and I will be there too! Yes!

Friday, June 18, 2010

passion pit

Passion Pit at Warehouse Live with good friends, what could beat that?! It was so good! AND... I finally got my sister Meredith to come out with me! The concert was awesome, and jam packed too! Enjoy the pics and the videos, and if you aren't familiar with Passion Pit do yourself a favor and get to know them!

we made it!

Rachel and I finally made it to Omaha!

I didn't take many pictures, but here are a few highlights.

Greg and Rachel

Moving things to Rachel's new school.

Mac computers for her students. No big deal.

Greg being a good sport and posing for the camera. I know him!

Rosenblatt Stadium, yeah buddy! Home of the College World Series, well for one more year at least. We saw a minor league game- the Omaha Royals v. the Nashville Sound

at the airport flying home

It will be weird not having Rachel in Houston anymore, living with her for that matter! I am so excited though for her and her new life in Omaha!

Monday, June 07, 2010


School is complete; testing is done; summer has arrived. Today was officially my first day of summer, and despite thinking that I would be in Omaha, I am so pumped for these next couple of months. Woo hoo!!

AND... did I mention...

I'm going back to the Dominican Republic?!!!!!

t minus 19 days

what what!!


This past Sunday I had planned a road trip with 2 of my sisters, Rachel and Meredith. Rachel is moving to Omaha, she has a teaching job already lined up and was set to go. Her boyfriend Greg works there as the weekend sports anchor for NBC. So, Meredith and I were going to road trip it up there with her, help unload, and enjoy the town for a few days. We woke up early Sunday morning and were on the road by 5am. About an hour into the drive in a small town called New Waverly, the transmission went out and we ended up having to come back. (Dominican memories of car trouble totally came back to me!) Long story short, today is Monday; her car won't be ready in time for me to go, so I think my going to Omaha has been postponed at least a month or two. Boo.

longhorn stampede

Back in the beginning of May I ran my first official 5K with my dear friend Lauren. We ran a couple times together before the race, and had a blast running the actual race. We ran the race together and finished with the same time. I think there might be some future races together to come!

game night

At the end of April, Yellowstone had a family game night. The room I was in had a hula hut theme. Enjoy the pictures above of our students and their families dressing up and enjoying the night. We played Beach Boys music, had twister, limbo, hula hoops, and musical instruments. Great night!

una vida dominicana

I traveled to Austin and saw In The Heights, a musical based on Dominicans and other latinos living in the neighborhood Washington Heights in NYC. It was hilarious! From the character's names, to their mannerisms, to the storyline, everything was so Dominican. The power even went out. The only line that was missing was "se fue la luz!"Ha!

remember the time...

I had a blog and I wrote on it?


Well, I'm back.

The school year is over, and it's time to play catch up!