Sunday, February 13, 2011

amos lee

This past Saturday Jess and I went to hear Amos Lee at the House of Blues. He had such an amazing voice and put on such an awesome concert. A South African man opened, who had such unbelievable spirit and stage presence.

star wars cookies

reason #714 why i love jess and griffin :)

settlers of cattan

Why are board games so much fun? We think so at least, except for Anthony when I dominate!


This past January, I ran the Houston Half Marathon. I don't really remember how I decided to run it, since the most I had ever run prior to signing up for it was 3 miles. Regardless, I trained and I did it and had a blast! I rained throughout the race, so that was interesting. My final time is about 10 minutes faster than what is shown in the picture because of the time I crossed the start line. Enjoy the pics and video!

hey february!

Spring semester finds me busy as ever. How is it I still have pictures from Christmas to share? Well, I guess that's how it goes sometimes. Enjoy!